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Ethics Charter of Bam Khodro Trade and Services Company

In order to increase customer satisfaction and make purposeful the connective activities with the customers define ethics charter for its personnel. We believe that:

  • Always and in any conditions the Lord is present and observes our activities.
  • We consider clienteles refer to us as magnificent blessing.
  • We always consider ourselves in position of clienteles and try to provide their satisfaction and do more than their expectations regarding company’s rules and regulations, continuous promotion, designing new processes and training undertaking personnel.
  • We treat our colleagues and clienteles with good mood and by observing justice and fair and using this method, we guarantee our success.
  • We considered punctuality and on time presence in work place and by taking proper measures we act in a way that in case of our non-presence, the needs of customers were meted and their satisfactions were obtained.
  • We give magnificent consideration to discipline and adornment of the person and the work place which could effect on increasing self esteem, honor and exhilaration.
  • Speed and agility together with quality in accountability about clienteles needs are in upmost objectives of us without any material and spiritual expectations and always we provide required and sufficient explanations to do related affairs for our clienteles and other colleagues.
  • We try to protect from general properties of the company by using primary principles of efficiency and observing honesty from general properties of the company and by saving and optimal using of them in order to reach objectives of the company and to do related affairs.
  • The agencies are our commercial partners and obtaining profitability fields accompany with mutual honor is in scope of our duties.
  • The managers are our active teachers and personnel are continuers of our motive route. Help to their dynamism and growth shall be observed by us.
  • We honor about our work and try to balance between our family and occupational life.
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