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History of Bam Khodro Trade and Services Company

Bam Khodro Trade and Services Company started its activity with only 7 personnel under No.256123 in Commercial Institutes and companies Registration Department on 04.Oct.2005. The Head Office of the company is located in Hoveizeh Street of Tehran and activity subject of the company is including of selling domestic or abroad vehicles in cash or installations, providing after sale services for any kinds of vehicles, doing business services and importing and exporting legal goods, providing and distributing spare parts and accessories for any kind of vehicles and concluding contract with domestic and abroad companies to discharge above activities. This company employed and trained youth personnel by using experienced personnel and increased the number of its personnel to 18 persons gradually up to 21.Jan.2006, and by examination of all matters and issues, started its main activities at the above date. This company succeed to meet all service needs of customers regarding presence of youth managers and personnel and rely on their abilities and also its adaption with after sale standards announced by Volkswagen Company. In 2011, this company concurrently increased its all resources including human resources and providing after sale activities for products of Bam Vehicle Makers Company, in addition to take responsibility of providing services to products of Kerman Motor Company.

Main Activities of the Company in the field of after sale services to esteemed customers are including :

  • Preserve and promote Kerman Motor and Ban Vehicle Makers Companies in State Vehicle Market
  • Supervision on processes function in the format of codified programs to improve the quality in continuous manner
  • Regarding growth and development of human resources as most valuable capitals of the company
  • Proper understanding of customers needs and surpassed them to increase their satisfaction
  • Try to improve and profitability of legal agencies and suppliers as commercial partners of the organization
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